Where to Shop

Visit our eclectic booth at Refindings (465 Prospect Street). You'll find some fun vintage finds there as well as YORK logo items, Carmen's photography, and a few other York makers' creations. Refindings is a HUGE warehouse of miscellaneous fun, definitely worth a visit. To reach our booth, go upstairs and turn left; you'll see the YORK logo banner on the wall straight ahead. Refindings is open 7 days a week; 9-5 weekdays, 10-5 Saturday, 11-4 Sunday.

Shop online 24/7, right here and on Zazzle! We’re adding more products all the time. Have questions? Contact us!

In addition, you can visit the following locations to buy high-quality York-themed items perfect for giving visitors, host families in foreign countries, and friends and relatives who have moved away from York. You may also want some for yourself!

Also, visit the following locations and ask which items are made in York. They won't necessarily say "York" on them, but they'll be handcrafted by locals. You'll discover wonderful stuff being made right here!

Are you a creator but need tools or space to work? Contact Working Class, at 15 E. Philadelphia St., 717-843-3345, to find everything you need to bring your creations to life.

Support the local makers and community. Buy YorkPAstuff.