YorkPAstuff is about having pride in where you live and believing that you have the power to make your life, and the lives of those around you, better.

York has a history of making things, and large-scale manufacturing is still important to the area. But there are also a lot of very talented individual makers in York. This site will highlight high-quality York-themed and York-made items, giving you access to York's talented creators.

We want to make it easy for you to find York merchandise. Most items we feature will be made right here, in York City and York County. For those that aren't, you can rest assured they are high quality and support American businesses. Let's show our pride to other residents and visitors too. Quality York souvenirs, anyone? Yes. It is time.

I decided to come up with a logo about this very idea. If you're interested in licensing the logo for your creations, partnering on opportunities, or just learning more, please contact me.

Choose to make a better life. ~ Carmen Walsh ~

Logo ©2014 Carmen Walsh - All rights reserved.

Logo ©2014 Carmen Walsh - All rights reserved.

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We're just getting started....

The plan for YorkPAstuff's future? We want to expand our product lines and showcase more local makers, to serve both residents and visitors better. And we'd like to collaborate with more businesses throughout the county, to support both community pride and local economic development. Stay tuned as we grow and feel free to give us your feedback.

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